How to clone from a UP to a SMP and do fast boots?

ENV: 4.1.2  390 G30
DESC: Customer wants to clone a 390 onto a G30. They both have SCSI-2 F/W
      I/O controllers. hdisk0 on the 390 is 00-00-00-00 and on the G30
      is 00-06-00-00. 
        He has tried various methods of installation:
         1) installing from mksysb of 390 -> gives no option for target
                disks to install backup on
         2) booting from CDrom -> install system backup -> gets
                message of can't find 00-00-00-00
         3) booted from G30 mksysb -> changes options; target hdisk0 ->
                swapped tapes to 390 mksysb
        When he chooses Change/Show Installation Settings and Install,
        boots from the G30 mksysb, swaps mksysb tapes, it fails with
        not enough disk space. The 390 rootvg is 1.9Gb and the G30
        rootvg is 2.2Gb. 

NILM - generally the problems of doing this are lack of device
support on the source machine for the target machine.  In this case,
we need to make sure that he has the installed on the 390
and since his 390 is using a lft, we need to be aware of the console
change to an ASCII terminal.  Also note that hdisk0 is in a different
location on the two systems, one is connected to slot 6 and the other
is slot 0.

This is a problem with the file.  He needs to modify it.
When he creates a mksysb, the / file is created if it
does not exist.  Thus he needs one in / that has the appropriate
information for cloning.

He was able to create a mksysb on the G30 and he created a
file copied from the 390 (changing the disk location), and was able
to boot from it OK.  He was also able to boot from the G30 mksysb
tape and then switch to the 390 mksysb tape and install it.  This
was after he installed the support on the 390 system.

Since he has a G30 running, I suggested that he list the installed
device support "lslpp -L devices.*" installed on the G30 and make
sure it is installed on the 390.


He is much further along.  He has installed everything he needed
to support the G30 on the 390.  Now it boots to c99 in service
mode indicating no console, and in normal mode it boots to 538 
then blank and then hangs.  

He may have the CONSOLE=/dev/lft0 in his file
on the 390.  This should be changed. He may want to create a 
tty0 device on the s1 port on his 390.

He also wants to know how to do a fast boot.  

 1) make sure ascii terminal in s1 port 9800,8,1,none
 2) Put key in service
 3) type "sbb"
 4) Choose option 8, Set Parameters
 5) Choose option 4, Miscellaneous Parameters
 6) Choose option 3, Fast IPL
 7) Enter 3 to enable this option - it is set back to disabled
    after every boot.


How to clone from a UP to a SMP. 

1) Make sure that the UP has:
   Optionally you should have: or

   You should also install any device support for any different 
   devices that are on the SMP, that are not on the UP.

2) Copy /var/adm/ras/ to / and edit it as follows:

    CONSOLE =                \<- must not be /dev/lft0, blank is better
    INSTALL_METHOD = overwrite
    PROMPT = yes                \<- should not be no
    RUN_STARTUP = yes
    RM_INST_ROOTS = no
    TCB = no
    INSTALL_TYPE = full

    LOCATION =                  \<- leave blank
    SIZE_MB =                    \<-
    HDISKNAME =                 \<-

    BOSINST_LANG = en_US        
    MESSAGES = en_US
    KEYBOARD = en_US

The console and hdisks will probably change, and it is best to 
use a prompted install.  

3) Create a mksysb WITHOUT the boot image on tape, for the UP
4) Create a mksysb with the boot image (if you have AIX installed 
   on the SMP) or find SMP bootable media
5) Boot the SMP in service mode, and when you have the installation
   menus up, switch the tape.
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