Curses is refreshing the whole screen when window refreshed.


E:  850, 4.1.4

D:  When moving a menu, the curses library refreshes the whole
screen instead of just the applicable lines.

A:  Customer says that on his DEC machine this happens with 
SVR4 curses, but not with BSD mode.


Talked to customer.  Application is ported from DEC BSD
unix system.  There is runs fine.  WHen he ports to DEC
Alpha system (SYSV) he gets same action as on AIX, but
he can recompile with a -bsd flag and then it works as
it did before.

Setup has main window and 4 subwindows.  problem when he
moves cursor in subwindow.  Customer is sending testcase.


Found that the problem happened when he called wclear(win2).  Took
this out and the screen refreshes normal.

The better answer is to use 'werase' instead of 'wclear',
as because 'clear' sets the _clear flag to TRUN which
sends the escape sequece for a clearscreen to the terminal
the next time a refresh is called.  - Ref: Unix Curses Explained
Berny Goodheart, Prentice Hall, Page 65.

Customer made change and said, "That is perfectamente'.

Support Line: Curses is refreshing the whole screen when window refreshed. ITEM: CC5379L
Dated: August 1996 Category: N/A
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