seagate disk drive/error in progress database


model: 58h

seagate disk drive/not working/error in progress database


env:    3.2.5 on 58H

desc:   Customer wants to add information to our database about possible
        defect of undetermined nature relating to progress/aix/seagate.
        Customer has problem number 21902 from developement and Progress
        associated with this item.

act:    1124 progess errors which were occurring when data is read from
        a Seagate Hawk 2LP 2 Gb Drive, Model \# ST32430N.  Customer has
        found a temporary work-around by moving data to IBM 1 GB Drive  
        and Hawk2 2GB drive, Model \# ST12400N.  

next:   Customer wants this item libraried.

Support Line: seagate disk drive/error in progress database ITEM: AR5228L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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