ITEM: D4638L

128-port slow response time.


RS/6000 with 128-port controller with a RAN remote.

controller - - RAN  -- modem -- modem -- RAN

Usage is proving to be very slow and jerky on both the local and
remote RAN.

Recommended that he start by increasing the link speed to twice the
modem speed.  Then monitor the EC count on the RANS.  If the error
count increases then decrease the link speed.  If no errors are
counted then don't change anything.

Basically slow and jerky terminal usage on a 128-port adapter is
caused by too slow a link speed causing increased modem and line
turnaround, or too fast a link speed causing errors to be captured and
resends to occur.

Support Line: 128-port slow response time. ITEM: D4638L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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