ITEM: W2184L

DDCS 1.1 prereq problem with SNA server. See summary at bottom.

Trying to install DDCS, but a message is popping up saying
they need SNA version 1.2 with PTF 417689, but they already
have SNA version 1.3 installed.  Passing through for support
and will create a separate item for setting up getting started

RS 340
DB2/6000 1.1
DDCS/6000 1.1
SNA 1.3

Customer is trying to install DDCS 1.1.  The install fails with the
message:  SNA 1.2 is required with PTF 417689.
Customer read in an old PTF info file that PTF 430989 will allow
DDCS 1.1 to install with SNA 1.3.  THey ordered 430989, but recieved
434976 (supercede of 430989).  

Told them I would research the DDCS/SNA pre-req problem.

        Called SNA group.  417689 is just a high maint level
        of SNA 1.2.  

        Called Toronto.  Spoke to a DDCS person.  They pointed
        out that: DDCS 1.1 is probably looking for a PTF that
        fixes a particular problem.  Therefore no matter what
        level of SNA -that particular problem must be fixed
        -either by the new level, or by a PTF- before DDCS 1.1
        will install.
        He is going to see if a fix is needed at the customer's
        level of SNA.

        Customer does not have ddcs support.  But, since they
        are just trying to install, and there seems to be
        some problem with ddcs 1.1, I called Toronto and got
        some information on the problem.

        There is no such version as sna 1.3.  sna 2.1 shows up
        as 01.03 in an lslpp -al.  So apparently cust has 2.1.
        To install ddcs 1.1, with sna 2.1 you need either:
        1) PTF 430988 
           which has several pre-req's,  OR
        2) The latest refresh for 1.1 version DB2 products.

        It will be safer to get the latest refresh from Boulder
        if it is still available.  I tmay not be since this is
        an older version of the product.

        Customer called in.  Advised him to call Boulder and
        try to get latest 1.1 refresh. 
        Told him to call me if he decides to order the PTF
        instead, and I would do it for him.

        Customer cannot get latest refresh for 1.1 products.
        He asked me to order PTF.
Please order PTF 430988, and any pre-req's.
Note: We DO NOT want any supercedes.

        SPOKE to Ram.  He advised me of another solution.
        See item T7612.  The solution is to FTP an upgrade
        from a boulder site.  The procedure is defined in
        a FAX service_install_v11.6000, currently residing
        on casper.
        The upgrade allows ddcs 1.1 to install with sna server.

        I called customer, and he agreed to read and try fax.
        Faxed him.

        Called cust.  Matt was on leave today.  Spoke to a co-worker
        of his.  They ftp'd an 18 meg fix from Boulder, and ordered
        another ptf.  The 18 meg file is not the file mentioned in
        the fax I sent, but supposedly has some related fixes in it.
                Told them I will check with them tomorrow.

        Matt called in.  He was unable to FTP 434976 cuz it
        wasn't there.  Instead he got 437719.  It didn't solve
        Told him I would research the problem and call back.
        I looked thru Austext and found two instances where 
        people had cited 430988 as solution to this pre-req prob.
        I ordered this PTF.  see 0268x.
        430988 is a service pack for DDCS/6000 and CS/6000.
        I specified Send Latest Supercede = No.

        Called Matt.  Told him I had ordered PTF.  He will call
        after installing.

        Spoke to customer.  He received the PTF U430988 and installed
        it.  This seems to have taken care of problem.  This PTF
        arrived, no supercede was sent.  This is a good thing.          
        Customer stated that PTF actually contained the DDCS and CS 
        products.  After PTF applied the products were on the machine.  
                The SNA pre-req problem was solved by installing this PTF.

        Custome agreed to close call.
        Close Call.

        IF customer has SNA server installed on their machine they
        will not be able to install DDCS/6000 1.1.  DDCS 1.1 pre-reqs
        a LOWER release of SNA (services, instead of server).  The
        solution to this problem is to order and install PTF U430988.
        This is the service pack for DDCS and CS 1.1.  IT contains
        "newer" (relative to 1.1) releases of the code and allows
        DDCS and CS to be installed after SNA server is installed.
        The PTF actually includes the products DDCS/6000 and CS/6000.
        Be sure to order PTF with Supercede = no.  

Support Line: DDCS 1.1 prereq problem with SNA server. See summary at bottom. ITEM: W2184L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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