SP supper failing with 0018-258, 0018-276

Question; problems with supper files in sp; the epc master files
are not being distributed; needs help figuring out why.

Env:  AIX 4.1.4  PSSP on the CWS, also seen on
      AIX 4.1.5  PSSP on both CWS and nodes

Desc:  I am trying to do a supper update and when I do I am getting
       the following errors:

0018-258 update of collection node root failed
0018-276 login failed.

Act:  I had the customer do a lslpp -h ssp.basic on the node and
      found the code there to be

You must install the latest code to the CWS
as well as the nodes.  You are trying to work with different code
levels of supper and they are not compatible.  You need to update
the nodes with PTF set 15 and all should work just fine.

I have also seen this problem on a system with ssp.clients.,
ssp.basic., and ssp.sysman., both control workstation
and nodes had same code levels.  Fix was to go to cws, and for user
supman, replace ! with * in /etc/security, and set supman's passwd
in /etc/security/passwd to 

password = *


Support Line: SP supper failing with 0018-258, 0018-276 ITEM: CE2797L
Dated: September 1996 Category: N/A
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