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                \# AIX System Backup & Recovery/6000 \#
                \#   Version 4 Release 1 Mod 4       \#
                \#           FIX HISTORY             \#
 \# The change history below indicates the specific fixes applied to the
\# current version/fix/mod level of Sysback. The last digit if the product 
\# level is the FIX ID, and is incremented by 1 each time a new fix level is 
\# released. Each fix level may contain more than one change. A fix level is 
\# released when either a high severity fix is included or after a
\# number of low severity problems are accumulated.
\# To tell whether a fix has been appiled, run "lslpp -h sysback.rte".
\#    For trial intallations:
\#       04.01.0000.1005 = Ver 4 Rel 1 Mod 1 Fix 5
\#    For product installations:
\#       04.01.1000.0005 = Ver 4 Rel 1 Mod 1 Fix 5
\# The SEVERITY or TYPE of problem is indicated prior to each specific
\# fix. The codes are as follows:
\#    1 = Very High Severity. Fixes a problem which could potentially 
\#        cause data or system to be unavailabe until fix is applied. 
\#        Affects less customers than pervasive problems.
\#    2 = High Severity. Customers experiencing the problem would require
\#        technical support assistance in a resolution, although the
\#        problem does not pose potential data loss or system outage.
\#    3 = Medium Severity. Fixes a problem in a function which is not
\#        working as expected but customer can continue working
\#        normally.
\#    4 = Low Severity. This is usually a trivial fix which is not
\#        noticed by most customers and is easily worked around.
\#    C = Cosmetic fix only. Has no affect on program.
\#    D = Documentation change.
\#    E = Enhancement. Provides new or enhances existing function.
\#    P = Pervasive! Fixes a bug that will strongly affect many customers
\#        (i.e. fixes failure with installation process or a backup 
\#        problem that is not apparent until restore is attempted).

=== ======== === =======================================================
 0  12/18/97     Initial Release of modification level 4.1.4
                 Includes the following changes and enhancements not
                 available in prior mod levels:
              E  This modification level included a considerable revision
                 to most backup and restore scripts in order to provide
                 more efficient code, less temporary files and less
                 system processes and memory. Some changes were made to 
                 status messages that appear during the backup or restore 
                 and backup header information, and the performance 
                 information on the progress indicator is more accurate.
              E  When backing up directories and regular files, only
                 files in local JFS filesystems would be included. This
                 backup will now parse into other filesystem types such
                 as NFS mounted filesystems. (mkdirback)
              2  editvginfo command, used to edit the LVM information
                 when recreating a VG or LV on an active system, had a
                 filesize of 0, making it unusable. This was apparently
                 corrupted during the prior software build (4132).
              2  On parallel virtual tape device backups, last buffer
                 of data written was sometimes incomplete. This would
                 result in a "dd:write error" during a restore of raw
                 logical volumes. (sbwrite)
              2  If VG data is included on a System Backup, the data
                 is being restored during the install process even if
                 user selected to import. (sysinstall)
              3  Incorrect volume number being requested when prompted
                 for new volume upon reading or writing end of tape.
                 This problem prompted changes to allow multiple
                 commands to share the same data to produce a common
                 progress indicator, sequential tape volume numbers, etc.
              3  Errors attempting to list or restore files from a
                 diskette backup. (sysrestore/sysback.lib)
              3  When selecting a different destination device when
                 restoring a single logical volume, the data was still
                 restored to the original location (sysrestore)
              3  Installs were not defaulting to using physical partition
                 mapping when -M option supplied with sysback command
                 on full system backups. (sysback)
              3  Menu options for changing physical volume list for
                 a volume group would either hang or abort with various
                 errors if more than 100 physical volumes existed. 
              4  When updating Sysback, shared library must be removed to
                 prevent "text file in use" message if library is still
                 lingering in memory. 
              4  Incorrect message if user attempted to create a System
                 Backup to a file without the "SB" prefix. Indicated that
                 a "VG" prefix was required. (sysback)
              4  Temp file /tmp/$$toc was not being removed from server
                 after remote backup completed. (mkvgback/mkjfsback/
              4  Some strings not being matched when selectively restoring
              4  Backup command output containing lines longer than
                 80 characters were not scrolling properly when user uses
                 keys to page up and down the output. (sbsmitout)
 1  01/19/98  3  If /usr/sbin was not in user PATH environment, errors
                 occur when selecting to perform a System backup from
                 SMIT indicating there are no additonal screens. (SMIT)
              4  Updated IPLROM emulation boot image using standard
                 image shipped with AIX (NIM). (bootimage.IPLROM.Z)
              4  From running system, unable to move an LV to a new VG 
                 unless the VG already existed. Should also allow this
                 as long as the new VG is also being created at the
                 same time. (editvginfo)
              4  If creating any backup to a disk file from SMIT and
                 directory selected does not exist, incorrect error
                 message indicated that the file prefix was incorrect.
              4  Incremental backups may only be initiated by root user
                 since incremental history files may only be updated 
                 by root. (mkvgback/mkjfsback)
              2  If installing a pre-Sysback-4.1.4 backup from a Sysback
                 4.1.4 network install server, an error "Invalid backup
                 header .." will be produced when selecting to install
                 the system. (sysinstall)
              E  When recreating LVs on a running system, option added to 
                 SMIT to allow user to change the VG name the LV(s) are
                 placed in in case the old volume group does not currently
                 exist. This function already provided in remakevg
                 command. (SMIT)
              E  When recreating a VG on a running system, option added to 
                 SMIT to allow user to change the VG name in case the
                 prior VG name already exists on the system. This function 
                 already provided in remakevg command. (SMIT)
              4  When recreating a volume group on a running system,
                 the menus for editing voluem group attribute show other
                 volume groups defined on the backup assigned to physical 
                 volumes, even if those volume groups do not exist on the
                 active system. In this case, any VGs that do not exist
                 and are not being created are removed form the LVM
                 information. (remakevg)
 2  01/28/98  3  Backward compatibilty problem when booting from tape or
                 boot server at Sysback 4.1.4 and installing from an
                 install server with a prior level of Sysback installed.
                 Messgage "Invalid backup header on device xxx!" appeared 
                 after reading header info on backup. (sysinstall)
              2  Backward compatibility problem when performing remote
                 backups/restores between Sysback 4.1.4 and any prior
                 level. Process would hang indefinitely. (sbclient/sbserver)
                 ** If this fix is applied to a client or server, any 
                 ** other client or server running Sysback or 
                 ** must also have this fix applied or backups
                 ** between a machine at this fix level and a prior
                 ** 4.1.4 level may be corrupt!
              E  Additional security added to remote backups to ensure
                 that the "sbclient" command to execute contains no special 
                 characters that would allow non-permitted commands to be 
                 executed within the same string. For instance, the 
                 following "echo" command is permitted, but the additional 
                 commands will be trapped:
                   echo test; rm -r *
                   echo test\\$(rm -r *)
                   echo test\\`rm -r *\\`


=== ======== === =======================================================
 0  12/18/97  -  Initial Release of modification level 4.1.4 
                 Includes the following changes and enhancements not
                 available in prior mod levels:

              2  Offline mirror backup process forces a resync of the
                 first partition in each logical volume to ensure that
                 the offline copies of filesystem metadata is always
                 resyncd since the offline copy may have changed when
                 mounting the temporary filesystem. The affect is
                 rare but may produce filesystem errors upon 
                 recovery of the offline mirrors. (sbom_bvackup)
              E  Offline mirror process will now include filesystems
                 that are mounted even if not defined in /etc/filesystems
                 file. (sbom_backup)
              E  Users may now use CTRL-C after entring the shell prompt
                 after mirrors are taken offline.
              E  Offline mirror process will create all temporary logical
                 volumes as read-only to prevent users from changing
                 data in the offline mirrors. (sbom_backup)
              E  Offline mirror process no longer requires the creation
                 of a temporary JFS log for mounting of temp filesystems.
              4  VG status area was not being restored when returning
                 offline mirrored disks. This could potentially cause
                 rare instance where some stale partitions may not be 
                 resynchronized. (sbom_chpv)

 1  01/28/98  3  When taking mirrors offline, errors during creation
                 of logical volumes if logical volumes existed on 
                 disks named hdisk10 or later due to invalid entries
                 in physical partition map files. (sbom_backup)

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