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UUCP not tranfering files


I have two RS/6000s both running AIX 3.2.5.  I am doing UUCP file
transfers and when I request a file from the remote machine, I
see that the file is created on my local box.  However, the size
never grows beyond 0 and the file transfer eventually times out.
The machines both have US Robotics 14.4 modems.
The terminal just sits there for several minutes, then returns "failed." 
I can cu to the other machine. I find no error messages on the consoles.
I have checked both uulogs and they say the same thing: "Request failed,
conversation complete".  I have tried uucio retry. No errors in error


Suggested the problem was that the remote (sending end) had XON/XOFF
enabled.  Had your customer cu to her modem and send it:


(The above string is very specific to her modem).  This resolved the

Support Line: UUCP not tranfering files ITEM: L2142L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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