Trying to use "cu". Giving error: pad (some numbers)

model 7213 53h

DESC: Customer was trying to do "cu -d \" and getting

alt connection called
ACU wanted
tty lock tty34 failed
getto ret -1
connect failed

ACT: I found that tty34 is set to share, but it detects CD even
without someone dialed in.  I had him "cu -ml tty34" to the modem
and found &C1 set already.  I then had him pdisable the tty, and
try "cu -d \".  The tty lock did not fail, but he had
several other failures.  I asked him to start a "script" and run
the command again.

ACT: received fax:

altcon called
Device Type ACU wanted
ttylock tty34 succeeded
Attempting to open /dev/tty34
clear O_NDELAY
filelock: ok
fixline(7, 14400)
ASSERT ERROR (cu) pid 15688 (10/9-11:33:05) BAD SPEED (-1) [SCCSID: @(\#)88

After re-examining the Devices file I found

ACU tty34 - 14400 hayes \\D

ACT: customer has tty34 set to baud rate of 38400, so I had him change
the rate in /etc/uucp/Devices from 14400 to 38400.

NEXT: cwca

Support Line: Trying to use "cu". Giving error: pad (some numbers) ITEM: BN9413L
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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