Sysback permission problems at AIX 4.3


  AIX 4.3
  RISC S70


Customer gets errors: 0653-345 /var/ permission denied and
0403-037 specified path name is not a directory.

ls -la /var ==>> ./..: 0653-345: permission denied

I'm seeing, the permissions of /var /usr and /tmp
(all filesystems within rootvg other than / )
directories are "drwx- - S - - -" after a Sysback restore of 
the system.  I changed this to drwxr-xr-x for /var and /usr 
and "drwxrwxrwt" for /tmp by booting the system is maintenance 
mode.  Then I did another restore with Sysback, and the 
permissions reverted back to "drwx- - S - - -".  These 
permissions on the underlying directory structure cause 
problems when the filesystems are mounted.  Doing something 
like "ls -al /var/.."  from a non-root user kicks out a 
permissions error.  This problem will also effect
the permissions on the /dev/pts.  This is fixed with 

Action Taken:

I have determined what the problem is:

*  Sysback uses the mkdir command to create the filesystem mount
   points for /usr, /tmp, /var etc....

*  The permissions of those directories are determined by the 

*  At AIX 3.2, 4.1, 4.2 and very early releases 4.3
  the default umask is "00"

  At AIX 4.3 (which is currently sent out to the customer) 
  the default umask is 077  drwx------

*   This problem will also effect the permissions on the /dev/pts.
    This is fixed with APAR NUMBER: IX74957

*  This will be changed and corrected at sysback.rte 4.2.  
   This has not been released at this time.

Solution to Resolve the problem:

1.  Boot to service mode using a sysback tape or network boot 

2.  Choose the option  "Maintenance Shell"  from the sysback 
    main menu

3.  getrootfs

4.  Choose the hdisk\# that is part of the rootvg

5.   Choose "Access this volume group and start a shell
     before mounting the filesystems" (Option 2).

6.  mount /dev/hd4 /mnt

7.  mount /dev/hd2 /mnt/usr

8.  cp /mnt/usr/bin/chmod /usr/bin

9.  umount /dev/hd2

10.  cd /mnt

11.  chmod 755 usr
     chmod 755 var
     chmod 755 home
     chmod 777 tmp
     chmod +t tmp

     Do a chmod 755 for each other filesystem within rootvg

12. sync;sync;sync

13.  cd /

14.  umount /dev/hd4

15.  exit

16.  reboot

  This will be fixed with sysback.rte 4.2.x

Support Line: Sysback permission problems at AIX 4.3 ITEM: FM6938L
Dated: April 1998 Category: N/A
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