AIC 1.2 error message 5756-641 Cannot determine size []

Env:   3.2.5, X11R5, AIC 1.2

Desc:   Customer declared a structure and an arry of the structure in the
        main program:
             struct mystruct {
                  char *test1;
                  char *test2;
             struct mystruct data1[10];

        Customer creates an interface and references the variable in 
        the global section of the declarations editor as:
             extern struct mystruct data1[10];
        The Apply to the declarations editor works fine.

        Customer then goes to a callback for the interface and 
        references the structure:
        and when Applied the following message is received:
             5756-641 Cannot determine size []

Act:    To eliminate the error, in the interface which declares the 
        extern definition, the structure must also be declared.  In 
        this case the following should be used in the 
        interface global declarations in the Declaration Editor:
             structure mystruct {                 
                  char *test1;
                  char *test2;
             extern struct mystruct data1[10];

Support Line: AIC 1.2 error message 5756-641 Cannot determine size [] ITEM: AE8416L
Dated: January 1995 Category: N/A
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