pcmcia modem card, non a4001d00, to work on thinkpad

ENV: 6040- thinkpad 820, 4.1.4

DESC: customer is trying to use a pcmcia 28.8 or 14.4 modem on
his thinkpad.  When he tries to configure the 28.8, it claims
to look for devices.pcmcia.a4003900.  When he tries to configure
the 14.4, it looks for devices.pcmcia.89000003.

ACT: ref as5646
I explained that neither of these modems is supported in AIX.
The modem that is supported uses the devices.pcmcia.a4001d00.  

The supported PCMCIA 14.4/14.4 data/fax modem is part number 7367097.

I gave the customer the following method to allow the non-supported
IBM pcmcia modem cards to work:


The following information is intended to allow persons to
configure unsupported pcmcia fax modem adapters to use
the shipped device driver. Use this at your own risk. Do
not call IBM service if the unsupported adapters do not work.
. For adapters that are not supported under the
 supplied device software, vendors are expected to supply their
 own 4.1 fileset.
. The device driver supplied with the  supported package
 devices.pcmcia.a4001d00 may work with most pcmcia data/fax
 modems. Attributes may exist for a single PdDv in order to
 support multiple cards under one odm entry.
 You may try adding the attribute for the two cards under the
 a4001d00 device odm to see if it works, even though this will not be
 a supported configuration.  Add the following stanza to odm:
.        PdAt:  uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00
.  This should associate the card to the supported
  Fax/Modem PCMCIA card so you can try to run IBM's
  shipped software on unsupported adapters.
.  XXXXXXXX is the unique manufacturers id (MID) assigned to
  each manufacturers adapters.
.Furthermore, you may be have to change the I/O address if the
following I/O address are not supported.  Consult the modem
documentation.  If these need to change, you should create a new set
of ODM attributes for the unsupported adapter.  See Below.
        uniquetype = adapter/pcmcia/XXXXXXXX
        attribute  = bus_io_addr
        deflt      = 0x3f8
        values     = 0x2f8,0x3f8,0x2e8,0x3e8
        width      = 0x08
        type       = O
        generic    = D
        rep        = nl
        nls_index  = 3
.  Change the deflt,values, and width fields to the adapters supported
Determining the adapter's mid (manufacturers id)
.1) run cfgmgr with the adapter installed. You should get a failure
stating that fileset devices.pcmcia.XXXXXXXX is not installed.
XXXXXXXX is the mid.
2) pcmciastat -p bus2 -w 1 -t   This will list the tuple
information that is stored in the adapter by the manufactures.
.Socket2 : CISOffset    = 0x00
TupleCode    = 0x01 : CISTPL_DEVICE
TupleLink    = 0x02
00 ff                                             !. !
CISOffset    = 0x08
TupleCode    = 0x15 : CISTPL_VERS_1
TupleLink    = 0x22
04 01 31 34 2e 34 2f 31 34 2e 34 20 44 61 74 61   !..14.4/14.4 Data!
2f 46 61 78 20 4d 6f 64 65 6d 00 30 30 31 00 41   !/Fax Modem.001.A!
00 ff                                             !. !
CISOffset    = 0x50
TupleCode    = 0x20 : CISTPL_MANFID
TupleLink    = 0x04
a4 00 1d 00                                       !$...!
. :  :  :  :  :  :  :
 :  :  :  :  :  :  :
 :  :  :  :  :  :  :
 :  :  :  :  :  :  :
 :  :  :  :  :  :  :
. The attribute  deflt="2002,0xa4001d00" shows
                        !  !
                        !  !_ mid at offset 0x02
                        !_ TupleCode 0x20
Creating a new set of attributes for an unsupported adapter.
.retrieve a copy of the adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00 attributes.
change a4001d00 to the new pcmcia_devid.
add in the new attributes.
.The following retrieves the attributes:
echo save original attributes to attrs.prev
echo odmget -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00" PdAt > attrs.prev
odmget -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00"  PdAt > attrs.prev
echo odmget -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00" PdCn >> attrs.prev
odmget -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00"  PdCn >> attrs.prev
echo odmget -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00" PdDv >> attrs.prev
odmget -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/a4001d00"  PdDv >> attrs.prev
.The following removes the attributes:
echo odmdelete -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/xxxxxxxx" -o PdAt;;
odmdelete -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/xxxxxxxx" -o PdAt;;
echo odmdelete -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/xxxxxxxx" -o PdCn;;
odmdelete -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/xxxxxxxx" -o PdCn;;
echo odmdelete -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/xxxxxxxx" -o PdDv;;
odmdelete -q "uniquetype=adapter/pcmcia/xxxxxxxx" -o PdDv;;
  Adding and removing of ODM attributes must be handled carefully to
avoid corruption of the database.  The addition of multiples of
identical attributes may cause indeterminate results.  IBM cannot be
responsible for incorrect modification of the ODM database.

Support Line: pcmcia modem card, non a4001d00, to work on thinkpad ITEM: BC9044L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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