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Getting opsys error #13 after trying to access techlib


I am trying to run the latest Techlib on my system, but I keep 
getting opsys error \#13.  What is wrong?


We checked quite a few things:

 \# cd /usr/lpp/info
 \# mv ispaths ispaths.old
 \# cp ispaths.full ispaths

After the above commands, you got the error:

0703-203: Could not display default library.

We made sure of the mount point /usr/lpp/info/data/techlib.  And yes,
it was mounted. We checked for permissions of En_US and of aix.key and
sys.sys. These files were all as they should be. We went to check
permissions on techlib.  We could not unmount the cdrom. 

You were trying to get info working, and getting the unable to connect
socket \#3 error. You then could not get info to come up.  The simple
solution is to chmod 777 /tmp/.info-help.  

The customer is still getting the following error when he opens his 
Techlib info explorer:
  X: operating system error
        error \# 13
This error comes up in a seperate window.

Suggested he move his $HOME/info directory to $HOME/info.bak and then 
try to run info. Now info works and he does not see the error message.
Explained that the error means that info does not have the permission to
write to a file in $HOME/info. Usually this happens when a user su's to 
root, runs info, and at a later date tries to run info again w/o su'ing.

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