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howto: dce cdscp create link command


The customer tried to create a link in DCE's Cell Directory
Server (CDS) with the following command:

       cdscp create link \ CDS_LinkTarget=\ \\

The command fails with the following error:

      0403-057 - syntax error, there is an invalid parameter


Here is the correct syntax for the "cdscp create link" command, the
one in InfoExplorer for AIX DCE 1.2 is wrong.

\# cdscp
cdscp> create link /.:/linktest/link2orig CDS_LinkTarget = /.:/linktest/orig \\
> CDS_LinkTimeout = (1995-06-12:00:00 90-00:00:00)

\# cdscp create link /.:/linktest/link2orig CDS_LinkTarget = /.:/linktest/orig \\
> CDS_LinkTimeout = \\(1995-06-12:00:00 90-00:00:00\\)

In this example, the original object is "/.:/linktest/orig" and the link is
"/.:/linktest/link2orig". This cdscp command must have spaces around the "="
signs and have "\\" before each parenthesis. This is needed if the command is 
issued as a shell command "cdscp create link ...". If "cdscp" is started first,
the "create link ..." subcommand can be issued without the "\\" before each

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