Sysback Fix History 4.2.1


                \# AIX System Backup & Recovery/6000 \#
                \#   Version 4 Release 2 Mod 1       \#
                \#           FIX HISTORY             \#
 \# The change history below indicates the specific fixes applied to the
\# current version/fix/mod level of Sysback. The last digit if the product 
\# level is the FIX ID, and is incremented by 1 each time a new fix level is 
\# released. Each fix level may contain more than one change. A fix level is 
\# released when either a high severity fix is included or after a
\# number of low severity problems are accumulated.
\# To tell whether a fix has been appiled, run "lslpp -h sysback.rte".
\#    For trial intallations:
\#       04.01.0000.1005 = Ver 4 Rel 1 Mod 1 Fix 5
\#    For product installations:
\#       04.01.1000.0005 = Ver 4 Rel 1 Mod 1 Fix 5
\# The SEVERITY or TYPE of problem is indicated prior to each specific
\# fix. The codes are as follows:
\#    P = Pervasive! Fixes a bug that will strongly affect many customers
\#        (i.e. fixes failure with installation process or a backup 
\#        problem that is not apparent until restore is attempted).
\#    1 = High severity. Fixes a problem which could potentially 
\#        cause data or system to be unavailabe until fix is applied. 
\#        Affects less customers than pervasive problems.
\#    2 = Medium severity. Customers experiencing the problem would require
\#        technical support assistance in a resolution, although the
\#        problem does not pose potential data loss or system outage.
\#    3 = Low severity. Fixes a problem in a function which is not
\#        working as expected but customer can continue working
\#        normally.
\#    4 = Minimal impact. This is usually a trivial fix which is not
\#        noticed by most customers and is easily worked around.
\#    C = Cosmetic fix only. Has no affect on program.
\#    D = Documentation change.
\#    E = Enhancement. Provides new or enhances existing function.

=== ======== === =======================================================
 0  07/01/98    Initial Release of modification level 4.2.1
                Includes the following changes and enhancements not
                available in prior mod levels:

        E       Debug option added to creation of network boot image.
                Requires -I flag to be specified with mksbnetboot command.
                No SMIT option provided.

        E       During all backups, performance of pre-processing of 
                files has been increased considerably.

        E       File attributes (similar to 'ls -l' output) added to
                file list on backup and viewed using List Backup Contents

        E       New "Utilities" menu added to Installation Main Menu.
                This menu contains additional options for system 
                maintenance and recovery.
                Utilities menu includes the following:
                1. Start a maintenance shell
                2. Import the rootvg volume group - presents menu of
                   available volume groups on disks to import from and
                   optionally mounts filesystems in the volume group 
                   and rebuilds the boot logical volume.
                3. Copy a system dump to tape or diskette - displays
                   current system dump data with option to copy to
                   external device.
                4. Perform a recovery install - detailed below.
                5. Change Backup Sequence Number - detailed below.

        E       New '-G PVname' option added to getlvminfo. Allows
                 display of volume group information given a PVname even
                 if the VG is not varied on.

        E       Control-C (interrupt) may now be used from any shell
                prompt after booting in maintenance mode.

        E       All options on the SMIT Utilities Menu for changing
                Sysback Settings, Network Settings and Filesystem Data
                backup Command are combined in to a single option 
                "Change Sysback Program Defaults". All data is stored
                in a single data file "/usr/lpp/sysback/.settings".
                Previous files ".net_settings" and ".backend" are no
                longer used and removed after migrating the data to
                the .settings file during installation or update.

        E       If an script exists on the network spot
                server, it was being copied to the client and executed.
                This will no longer occur since it is not always
                desired. Instead, if the INSTPROG variable is added to
                the /tftpboot/hostname.sbinfo file, it will be copied
                to the client and executed as the post-install script.

        4       If a diskette containing a post-install script was
                used, it was being overwritten by the post-install
                script restored from the backup. The diskette will now
                take precedence, but may be overwritten by the POSTINST
                variable when installing from a network spot server.

        E       RECOVERY INSTALL Option added (to new Utilities Menu)
                in Maintenance mode. This option will allow the / and 
                /usr filesystems only to be restored onto an existing
                rootvg volume group using any system backup. All other 
                VGs (if defined on the backup media) will be re-
                imported from disks.

        E       Services added for perform a NO-PROMPT INSTALLATION when
                installing from a network server. User must pre-configure
                all installation information using the new SMIT option
                "Set Client Network Install Defaults" in the Remote

        E       SMIT option added for "Set Client Network Install 
                Defaults", allowing the user to add, display or
                change the information in the /tftpboot/host.sbinfo
                file used for tailoring the network install, including
                setting the no-prompt option and any information required
                for a promptless install, naming a post-install
                script or a cusotmized LVM information file.

        E       The option of "Rewind before starting backup" has been
                added to the System Backup. If set to no, the tape will
                be checked to determine if it is at the start of tape.
                If not, no boot images will be created, and the backup
                will be placed on the media without rewinding.

        E       The user may select to "Change Backup sequence number"
                from the Utilities Menu after booting from Sysback

        E       lscfginfo and getlvminfo commands added to the Commands
                Reference chapter of the user manual.

        E       sbdevice command will now perform functions on multiple
                physical devices (i.e. rewind/eject) if a virtual device
                name is used.

        4       SMIT output (sbsmitout) was not paging up/down correctly
                when lines were longer than 80 characters. *Currently
                scrolls correctly but cuts of column 80 of output.

        4       sbserver command (server program used in conjunction with
                sbclient command) was not setting port number correctly
                for standard error. Caused no errors but produced an
                unexpected random port number.

        3       When remaking multiple filesystems in different volume
                groups, wrong log device was sometimes used resulting
                in error creating or mounting filesystems. (remakevg)

        4       Verifying a Power System Backup ran a filesystem
                check (fsck) on all filesystems unnecessarily. (sysrestore)

-----------------  07/09/98   

        2       Customer creates a full system backup on his 590 and
                then tries to restore it on his 390 system.
                It works correctly until the very end
                Should Sysback be removed from this system  (Yes or No)
                Then it displays all the network attributes and repeats that
                over and over.

        3       mklvback command won't backup a raw logical volume on a
                filesystem, even if it is not mounted.  Problem with the
                way the grep command was being done.

---------------- 07/27/98    

        3       Sysback overwrites the customers / and 
                / file with the default file in /var/adm/ras
                This should only occur if the file does not exist in /

        3       If the customer excludes a volume group, during a system backup
                they cannot create that excluded VG, LV or FS from within smit. 
                The "VG, LV or FS" do not show up as an option within smit.
                The customer from the command line using the remakevg   
                command create any "VG, LV or FS" without any problems. 

        2       On only the sysback.rte update image, it was
                removing the /usr/sbin/ script.    
        4       On the command sysrestore -Lf /dev/rmt0 -tf  it was not
                displaying the filelist correctly       

---------------- 08/19/98    

        3       No data is being backed up when doing an offline mirror backup
                with the filesystems unmounted.  The mkvgback script is 
                checking the wrong lvname.  
                Leave the filesystems mounted and use the -F option with
                sbom_backup command.

        2       On only the sysback.rte and update image, 
                it was removing the /usr/lpp/sysback/netinst/boot/rc.boot
                script.  This problem does not exist on the base run time
                code only on the update images.

        2       sbread is core dumping when spanning to the next volume.
                This only occurs when the is 128 bytes in size.
                This is the data portion of the header as seen with the 
                sbread -H
                Create a vitural sequential device using the  autoloader 
                option, then it should not core dump.

        2       sbread is expecting the wrong tape volume when reading 
                data.  This will occur when the tape volume is one number
                and the backup volume is another number.   
                Example:  Backup starts on Tape 2  Backup Volume 1
                Backup ends on   Tape 3  Backup Volume 2
                The sbread was asking for Tape Volume 2 instead of 
                Tape Volume 3.

        3       readsbheader is failing with this error message when listing
                a filelist from a virtual device
                sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt2.1
                sbdevice: I/O error
                Modify this line in the /usr/sbin/readsbheader
                runcommand "sbdevice -b $devname" "" $hostname
                To this:
                runcommand "sbdevice -b $firstdev " "" $hostname
        2       On a system where TCB is turned on the customer is getting
                this error message:
                3001-092 The creation of file 
                /var/locks/tcbck.LCK was not successful.

                3001-092 The creation of file 
                /etc/security/tcbck.LCK was not succesful.

                1.  Choose the option 1 "Perform maintenance" (start a shell)
                2.  mkdir /etc/security
                3.  mkdir /var/locks
                4.  exit

---------------- 09/03/98    

        E       Enhancments added to the mkjfsback and mkvgback to improve
                the incremental backups.

        3       sysrestore is failing with this error message when listing
                VGs or LVs from a parallel virtual device.  This only
                occurs within smit and only when trying to recreate a
                Volume group or logical volume. 
                sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt2.1
                sbdevice: I/O error
                WORKAROUND: run the command remakevg from the command line

        3       sysrestore command was not verifying correctly on a 
                system, volume group or filesystem backup, when the -tD
                option was used.  Now the user will have to provide a list
                of directories to verify when verifying a system, volume group
                or filesystem backup.  This does not apply to a File/Directory
        3       sysrestore not restoring data correctly when restoring data
                from a incremental backup that is out of order.
                If a customer creates a level 0, level 4, level 7, level 9
                then creates a level 4 again.

                If the customer restores the data in this order:
                level 0, level 4 then it will have problems restoring from
                the level 7 and level 9.  It will repeatly restore the first
                image on the backup.  The image number now increments up by
                one.  The customer should restore the data in this order
                level 0 and the last level 4 as stated in the manual.

---------------- 09/23/98 

        3       Customer does a backup of one file using the mkdirback command
                and gets this error message:
                /usr/sbin/mkdirback[296]: /tmp/: cannot create
                1.  cd /usr/sbin
                2.  cp mkdirback
                3.  vi mkdirback

                Search on the word sbfilelist
                CHANGE THIS LINE:
                2>>/tmp/$fspace >> $backlist || nospace
                TO THIS:
                2>>/tmp/$$fspace >> $backlist || nospace
                NOTE:  All you are doing is adding one more "$" char.

        3       Customer runs the readsbheader command and is getting garbage
                displayed on the screen on Files & Directories image backups.

                1.  cd /usr/sbin
                2.  cp readsbheader
                3.  vi readsbheader

                Search on the work MULTI=
                It will take a few searchs to find it, so keep hitting
                the "n" key until you find that line.

                CHANGE THIS LINE:
                \# Read & display images
                grep "\^Type" /tmp/$$label | read x TYPE
                [[ $TYPE = TOC* ]] && MULTI=y

                TO THIS:
                MULTI=       \#ADD THIS LINE
                \# Read & display images
                grep "\^Type" /tmp/$$label | read x TYPE
                [[ $TYPE = TOC* ]] && MULTI=y

-----------------  10/12/98 

        3       When booting an SP node customers are getting this error      
                /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/SDRGetObjects :0025-035: cannot convert system

                This is caused by a pseudo tape device called TMPCP0 on the SP.
                Changes were made to the following scripts: 
                Sysback will now only display rmt\# named devices for 
                tape drives.
        3       At AIX 4.3.1 customers are getting the following error, when
                trying to create a network boot image:
                0301-154 bosboot: missing proto file: /usr/ccs/lib/libnim.a.min

                For some unknown reason, bosboot requires this proto file for
                all network boot images even though they won't be used for
                a sysback network boot.

                Workaround one
                1.  install the fileset 
                        This will create the libnim.a.min file
                        Workaround two
                        A.  cd /usr/ccs/lib
                        B.  echo "DUMMY IMAGE" > libnim.a.min
                        A touch is not enough, the file has to have some size 
                        to it.
                        This file even though required to create the boot image
                        is not used during the boot.

                2  When doing a network boot and installing from a disk image.
                   Sysback will reread the disk image again.  The file 
                  /tmp/extracted was never created as it should have.

                Choose the second option "Change Volume Group & Logical"
                Make the needed changes.
                Goto the Utilities Menu
                Goto Maintenance Shell Menu
                echo "File" >  /tmp/extracted
                Start the install  

        4       Status indicator is not displaying after hd4 and hd2 are  
                created during a system install.

        4       When doing a verify on a Power backup, it will run the
                fsck command.

        3       If the customer was positioned at the start of the tape and
                runs the "sysback -nf /dev/rmt0" command it will just return,
                and produce no messages and it does not perform a backup either.
                It should produce a WARNING
                message and place boot images on the tape and start the 
                system backup. 

        2       The remakevg or install will hang, during the Update Volume
                group section.  This is normally caused by a corrputed
                vgda, which causes some corrpution in the vginfo file. 

        E       Add the /usr/lib/boot/chramfs command in service mode tape
                boots for AIX 4.2 and above only.  

        4       Increased the size of the ram filesystems for 4.2 and 4.3 by
                one-two megs for network and tape boots.

        4       Under the Utilities Menu, if the user choose to import 
                rootvg, they will get the following error message:
                sysinstall[1966] test: argument expected 

---------------- 09/20/98   

        3       The defect below should have been included in
                but was left out. 

                When doing a network boot and installing from a disk image.
                Sysback will reread the disk image again.  The file
                /tmp/extracted was never created as it should have.
                Choose the second option "Change Volume Group & Logical"
                Make the needed changes.
                Goto the Utilities Menu
                Goto Maintenance Shell Menu
                echo "File" >  /tmp/extracted
                Start the install

---------------- 10/29/98 

        E       Check the status and size of the TOC file create during a
                backup.  This file could potential be zero'ed out if the
                customer performs a remote backup between the client and server
                and they are the same machine.

        E       Added enchancments and create a new program to change the 
                Sysback program defaults.  "/usr/sbin/sbdefaults"

        E       Added enchancments to the mkjfsback and mkvgback commands.
                If an customer performs a incremental backup on a        
                filesystem(s) and they did not perform a level 0 before on
                that filesystem(s), the command will not stop, but continue
                backing up the other filesystem(s) where a level 0 was 
                performed.  The commands mkjfsback and mkvgback will produce
                warning messages and exit with a nonzero return code.   

---------------- 11/17/98 

        4       The Filesystems should not be cleared out if the -D flag
                is used on the sysrestore command on incremental Filesystem 
                and Volume Group restores.

        4       Allow the user to use the -D option with the sysrestore
                command with incremental Filesystem and Volume Group
                backups and don't update incremental data if the -D flag
                is used.
                4       If the LANG variable is set to something other than:
                C, En_US or en_US, then it will set the LANG=C 

        4       Keep the user from performing a level 0 incremental restore
                of hd4 / and hd2 /usr, even if the force flag is used on
                the sysrestore command.  A level 0 restore will first remove
                everything in that filesystem, before it does the restore.
                That will trash the system and make for a very unhappy      

        E       Enhanced the incremental restore process. 

----------------- 12/09/98

        4       Hardcoding the path for all the commands run within
                smitty (SMIT).  In the past the customer needed to have
                "/usr/sbin" in their PATH.

        4       When adding network support to your boot tape using this
                command:  sysback -f /dev/rmt\# -N \
                You might get this error message:
                /usr/sbin/[495]: test: argument expected
                /usr/sbin/[493]: test: argument expected

        4       The "-n" option on the remakevg command was not working
                correctly.  If the customer was in position on the tape
                and used a command like this: remakevg -vnf /dev/rmt0 sbvg
                The tape would rewind.

        4       Could not restore or verify data in smit from a virtual
                parallal device, it does however work from the command line.

        4       Sysback was not using the correct auto vary options on a 
                volume group when it was being created, or imported during
                an system install

----------------- 01/05/99
        4       A set -x was left in the /usr/sbin/sbdefaults program.
                You can vi the file and remove the two set -x entries 
                within the file.  You can search on "\#@\#" to find both

        4       The post-install script set in the client.sbinfo file on
                the install server does not get run when the client is network
                installed.  The file was being copied successfully from the 
                server but was not being run because of the following incorrecti
                check in the "sysinstall" script:

                Line: 2357 was: "if test $? -eq 0"
                should be: "if test $? -ne 0"

        E       New function sbeot added.  This will allow the user to
                fast forward to the end of a sysback tape, so they can
                append another backup. 
                Please see /usr/lpp/sysback/sbeot.readme for more details.


=== ======== === =======================================================
 0  xx/xx/xx  -  Initial Release of modification level 4.2
                 No changes from last modification level of release 4.1.

Support Line: Sysback Fix History 4.2.1 ITEM: HK1290L
Dated: January 1999 Category: N/A
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