sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt2.1


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC 590
  Tape 7331 with two tape drives

  Customer creates a full system backup to a virtual seq device vdev0
  The customer tries to get a filelist by using this command:

  readsbheader -dlf vdev0

  It displays the header and volume group information correctly, but then
fails when trying to display the filelist with this error message:

sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt2.1
sbdevice: I/O error

Action Taken:
  Sysback should never use the second device.  It should only use the 
  first device.

1.  cd /usr/sbin
2.  cp readsbheader readsbheader.old
3.  vi readsbheader

     Search for "sbdevice"

Change this line:

runcommand "sbdevice -b $devname" "" $hostname

To this:

runcommand "sbdevice -b $firstdev " "" $hostname

All you are doing is changing $devname to $firstdev

Fixed with sysback.rte

Support Line: sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt2.1 ITEM: HG6731L
Dated: August 1998 Category: N/A
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