Sysback ver 2 restore problems

   AIX 3.2.5
   Sysback Ver

        Jim has a 58H with 2 2gb internal disk drives where 1 disk 
        contains rootvg and then other disk is mirrored.  He made a
        full system backup and then when he tries to restore it onto
        the 370 with 1 1gb internal drive, he said that he changed the
        current system settings so that it would use the default paging
        of 272meg and use the mimimun filesystem sizes.  He only wanted
        to restore / /tmp /usr /var which are about 370 meg on the 58H.
        This fails with a message that he has 995 meg free and the
        restore needs 1080 meg.  Jim wants to know if the reason that
        the restore is failing is because it is trying to create two
        paging spaces because the paging was mirrored on the 58H or
        why it is running out of space when he knows that the system 
        was really only 370 meg and paging was 272 meg.

This can be easily done with sysback ver 3, but here is a 
workaround with ver 2 of sysback

1.  cd /
2.  vi .lvdata
    Edit this file to reflect how you want the system to look like
    Del the ones you don't want and change the ones you do.
Here are the fields for the sysback at 2.2

vg_name, pp_size, lv_name, mount_point, pps, mb, type, copies, min_value
mount_at_reboot, disk_location, policy, and  scsi_id_location

Save the file

sysback -grf /dev/rmt0 -q

 -g flag:
         Will not generate the logical volume data file (/.lvdata)
         This flag may not be used unless the /.lvdata file already 

Then restore this sysback on the system

Waiting on a call back


That fixed the problem!!!!!

Support Line: Sysback ver 2 restore problems ITEM: AI0258L
Dated: April 1995 Category: N/A
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