Installing PASCAL compiler errors

  AIX 4.1.2
  Customer is trying to install the xlp 2.1.4 compiler on his
  system and is getting these error messages:
.inucp failed: /usr/lpp/xlp/inst_root/usr/lpp/xlp/lib/xlp.path
check path and permissions
inucp failed: /usr/lpp/xlp/inst_root/usr/lpp/xlp/lib/xlp_base.path
check path and permissions
The the software did a clean up at that point.
I have checked space in the system this is plenty.
Since the install cleaned up these files are now missing so I can't
check them.
.Next Action:
  Passing to level three
  The customer wants this to be set to a sev 1 since he has applications
  that will be using the pascal compiler.

Problem is due to an incorrect apply list for the root part:
.The original
.I corrected it to have:
.The extraneous files that exist in the apply list are:
.\# diff *orig
> ./usr/lpp/xlp/lib/xlp_prime
> ./usr/lpp/xlp/lib/xlp_base_prime
> ./usr/lpp/xlp/lib/xlp.pas
> ./usr/lpp/xlp/lib/xlp_base.pas
.This product should never have applied on any system
due to the bad apply list.
These files are supposed to get created as
symlinks according to the inventory.
.I have resolved the problem for the customer, but the
package needs to be correctd.
Further investigation showed that problem was really being
caused by an incorrect installation of the USR
part which would have hidden the above packaging error
by having shipped the said symlinks into inst_root.
.Force applied the compiler which resolved the problem.
Closing pmr.

Support Line: Installing PASCAL compiler errors ITEM: AJ7430L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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