Sysback menus at AIX 3.2 are incorrect


  AIX 3.2.5
  RISC 7015

  Customer just upgraded sysback from to
  and now is having this problem:

  smitty sysback
    Backup & Restore Options
      System Backup (Installation Image)
         Backup the System       
      He chooses his local tape drive /dev/rmt0

      Tape     /dev/rmt0    Other SCSI Tape Drive

The next screen shows this:

 DEVICE or FILE Name                            [ test]                
  HOSTNAME of Server                              getdev[8]
  Report Output TYPE                              progress indicator    
  COMPRESS data before writing to media?          no                   
  User DESCRIPTION                              []
  Buffer SIZE (in K-bytes)               [ 0403-020 Specify a parameter with this command. >
  Preserve Physical Partition Mapping?                no                  
  Device NAME for remote volume prompt               []
  Non-rootvg VOLUME GROUPS to include                [1]

This does not appear to be a problem at AIX 4.1, but only
effects customers running AIX 3.2, and only in these
smitty menus:
Backup the System (Installation Image)
Configure/Update a Network Boot Image

 Fix for adding support for MP kernels caused
 erroneous messages in SMIT when performing system
 backup, creating boot tape oe creating network boot
 image. Occurred only on AIX Version 3 systems.

This problem was fixed with sysback

Action Taken:
  Sending sysback

Support Line: Sysback menus at AIX 3.2 are incorrect ITEM: BU1368L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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