localhost not defined - sendmail error


Customer can send mail on the local machine to other users on
the same machine. 
He can do this on any of three machines.  He cannot send mail
between machines.  They are on the same subnet.

Sending to COMMO for sendmail support


   Env: AIX 3.2.5

   Desc: Customer is not able to send mail btw. two machines.
        What's the deal?

   Action: We called the machines - machine1 and machine2.  After
        seeing that the hostname is configured correctly on both
        machines, they are both running DNS and the sendmail daemon
        are active, we checked the file.

        For both machines the Dw, DD lines were correctly set.  However,
        nothing was set for the Cw line, but the line was uncommented.
        We place the hostname and FQDN for each machine in their 
        respective files, recompile and refreshed sendmail.
        Now machine 1 is able to send mail to machine 2, but we can't
        go the other way.  Machine 2 registers the error:

        localhost not defined

        when we use mail -v root@\

        On machine 1, when we try to resolve the name of machine 2
        we don't get the FQDN for machine 2, but only its hostname 
        (which means the data is comming from /etc/hosts and not
        DNS database files).  We entered the name and address of
        machine 2 in the and named.rev files, respectively.
        Now mail works from machine 2 to machine 1.

   Next Action: CWCA

   Test Case: none.

Support Line: localhost not defined - sendmail error ITEM: CB7638L
Dated: July 1996 Category: N/A
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