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Can't make a sysback ver full system backup

  AIX 3.2.3e -- sysback

  When run sysback creating full system backup (2 volume groups),
  receive the following error:
     /usr/sbin/sysback [128]: 62% more tokens expected.

  Checked sysback (which is a script) and line 128 is: free="$4"

  Problem does not appear to happen when run from within cron, but is
  happening when run interactively or in background.  Performed the
  following in order to diagnois the problem:
     1)  modify the script you have written that calls sysback and
         redirect std err to std out (ie.  2>&1).
     2)  modify /usr/sbin/sysback and add set -x at the
         top of the script.
     3)  run your modified script.
     4)  when error appears in the log file can stop the process

  Will need to check the df command from the command line (ie. df -v)
  You should see the following column heading:
    Filesystem    Total KB    used    free %used   ......

  According to the log produced when running sysback, it appears that you
  are missing the 'used' column.

  Check to see if you have a different df in your path statement
  (which df).  You should be using the file in /usr/bin
  If you are using a df other than /usr/bin,  rename the file and try
  the command again.  It should produce the correct columns.

   Customer has two df files (one in /etc and
  the standard one in /usr/bin).  Renamed the file in /etc and now when
  execute the df command, it displays the correct columns.

Support Line: Can't make a sysback ver full system backup ITEM: Q9054L
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