ITEM: E0994L

Getting NetWAre server not found message


Customer has a RISC 340 set-up at a Netware server over an Ethernet
network.  They are following HOWTO KLPM5 to set it up.  After
performing all the steps they are still getting a Server not found

Had them do the following 1.  Make sure NetWare is running on the
     It was, so this was not the problem.

2. Make sure the workstations are genned properly.
     They are checking on this right now; however, this does not seem
like a likely

SE will call back after genning aother workstation.

A good reference is ASKQ Item CGXPD.



Support Line: Getting NetWAre server not found message ITEM: E0994L
Dated: December 1993 Category: N/A
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