Informix needs /usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp on AIX V4

        AIX 4.1, Informix c4gl compiler

        Their Informix 4gl compiler is giving an error that it
can't find /usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp.  On AIX 3.2.5, they fixed this
by getting the ptf for the common-mode libraries (U437704).  
This created the directory /usr/lib/FCM for them, and included a file
called lowsys.exp. They wanted the equivilent fix for AIX V4.

        There is no equivilent fix on AIX V4.  The common-mode 
libraries are for upward compatibility to ensure that AIX 3.2.5
applications will run on AIX V4.  On AIX V4, everything is compiled
in common-mode by default.  Informix's makefiles do not reflect
this change but there are workarounds:

A) Copy the last seven lines out of /usr/lib/syscalls.exp.
   Create /usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp and paste them into the file:
        __mulh          0x3100
        __mull          0x3180
        __divss         0x3200  
        __divus         0x3280
        __quoss         0x3300
        __quous         0x3380

B) Edit Informix's makefile and remove the compile switch which
   references /usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp.  This switch will look
   something like: -bE:/usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp

Option B may be cleaner because Option A will result in a duplicate
symbol warning (but the program will still compile).

        These workarounds will solve the compile problems.

Support Line: Informix needs /usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp on AIX V4 ITEM: AQ4746L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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