ITEM: S7033L

Phantom PVid yields Sysback error

Env:    3.2.5, Sysback version 3.

Desc:   Trying to run Sysback, and gets "Cannot retrieve physical volume
        name for device ID", followed by "Unable to create volume group
        data file".

Action: The customer has 3 drives in rootvg, 24 drives in vg00, and 3
        drives in vg01.

        For each volume group, run:
        \# lqueryvg -Pctp hdisk\#  (where hdisk\# is one disk in the VG):
        You will get output similar to:

        PV count:       1
        Physical:       00037913a6079858 2   0 

        This customer had 25 PVs and PVids in vg00, when she only has
        24 drives.

        \# reducevg -df vg00 PVid  --  gave warning about not finding
                the drive in the device configuration database, which
                is OK, since the drive is no longer in the ODM

        \# ldeletepv -g `getlvodm -v vg00` -p PVid  --  gave error:
        0516-022 illegal parameter or structure value.

        \# lqueryvg -Ptp hdisk0  --  PVid is gone

Next:   Close call.

Support Line: Phantom PVid yields Sysback error ITEM: S7033L
Dated: March 1995 Category: N/A
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