sysback install hanging on led 611


  AIX 4.1.4  

Description:  Customer was trying to network boot a node from the
  control workstation and is hanging on led 611.

  This is failure of /usr filesystem not being able to be mounted on the

  Had customer check the /etc/hosts file contains the correct ip address
  for the node (sp2al).  Also checked the /etc/exports file to confirm
  permissions for sp2al node to mount /usr.  All of this looked fine.

  Confirmed that these ip addresses matched the ip address entered from
  the clients bootp menu.  This checked out.

  Had customer remove all /usr entries in the /etc/exports file except
  /usr alone.  Node still hung at 611.  Had customer boot node in normal
  mode.  Set up en0 network.  Customer was able to nfs mount /usr
  directory.  Customer did try a second new node and this node also
  hung at led 611.

  Had customer edit the /usr/lpp/sysback/netinst/boot/rc.boot4 file and
  hard code the client and server ip addresses.  Node still hung at 
  led 611.

  Had customer edit the /usr/sbin/mksbnetboot file and add the -I to
  the bosboot command to put the boot process in to kernal debug mode.
  Rebooted the node and the 611 hang did occur with the mount options.
  No error messages were displayed.  The mount command being executed
  is shown below:
        mount -r /usr
  It failed with a return code of 1, but did not have a error message
  returned.  The mount syntax and IP address is correct for the server.
  Next we commented out the mount status return
  code check and rebooted again.  This time the system crashed to 888.

  Research found APAR (IX54851) that deals with NFS problems and
  LED 611 hangs.  Customer applied this apar and node can now network
  boot from the control workstation

Support Line: sysback install hanging on led 611 ITEM: BG9409L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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