0516-787 extendlv: maximum # of LP exceeded.

Environment: 980 running AIX 3.2.5


The customer tried to add 4 Mb to his file system. He did
this in SMIT using +1 in the "\# of 512 Byte Blocks" field.

This returned with this error message:

        0516-787 extendlv: maximum allocation for lv lv04 is 2,867,200 


This error message is the result of too low a setting in the field
"Max \# of Logical Paritions in LV" in the chlv screen.  

To verify this, he ran "lslv lv04" to determine the maximum size that
this LV can have. In this case, it was less than what he wanted the
filesystem to be.

The customer went into "smit chlv" to change the maximum number
of logical partitions to a more desirable value. In this case, he
changed it to 512 LP's.

He then re-ran the procedure to extend the filesystem with no errors.

Support Line: 0516-787 extendlv: maximum # of LP exceeded. ITEM: AS4533L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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