mirroring: "ksh: cannot create" errors after primary drive failure

Env:  3.2.5

Desc:   The customer has mirrored, using two disks, a non-rootvg volume
        group.  He has turned off quorum checking with "chvg -Q n VGname"
        and varied off and back on the volume group for this to take
        effect.  He then tests this by failing the primary drive.

        Now, when he tries to create files, he gets errors.  Specifically,
        on the following commands he gets the following results:

\# date > fn
ksh: cannot create

        However, ls -l shows that the file is created, with length 0.
        On the successive iteration of the SAME command, the output is
        successfully written to the file with no error.

        However, on successive iterations of the two commands in order
        reproduces the same output.

Action: On both a 3.2 and 4.1 system, I reproduced the same errors
        when I DID NOT mirror the log device for the volume group
        (the log device sits on the primary device).

        The log device for the customer's volume group is loglv00.  
        Mirrored it with "mklvcopy -k loglv00 2 hdisk2" and this 
        corrected the problem.

Next:   Close.

Support Line: mirroring: "ksh: cannot create" errors after primary drive failure ITEM: AK9988L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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