How to start AIXwindows at system boot

Env:    AIX 3.2.5

Desc:   Customer would like to boot his system directly into AIXwindows,
        totally by-passing the login prompt.  The system is in a locked
        room and security is not an issue.  The customer has AIXwindows
        clients that monitor the system and would like to start these
        at boot because most times there will not be an adminstrator
        at the console to login and start these applications.

Action: Here is a sample of how you could setup AIXwindows to come up 
        automatically on the console at boot time.  Please be aware 
        that this creates a security hole and should only be used in 
        environments that are physically secure or where security is 
        not an issue.  This is not a standard boot situation that 
        is supported by IBM and should be used only as an example.  
        In this example, the names of the scripts are /etc/rc.xinit and 
        /etc/rc.aixterm.  The hostname is rischost.  You will need to 
        change these names to match your system.

        1) Disable login on the console on the next reboot:
           (These procedures will not work with login enabled.)

           chcons -a login=disable /dev/hft

        2) Create a script to start AIXwindows:

           \# rc.xinit - Starts AIXwindows at boot time.
           echo "Starting xinit..."

        3) Create a script to start your AIXwindows clients and mwm:

           \# rc.aixterm - Starts AIXwindows clients and mwm at boot.
           \# Sleep for 1 min to make sure AIXwindows is up and running.
           sleep 60
           echo "Starting aixterms..."
           xclock -display rischost:0.0 -a -chime &
           aixterm -T "win1" -n "win1" -display rischost:0.0&
           mwm -display rischost:0.0

        4) Add the following lines to your /etc/inittab:

           :bootx:2:once:/etc/rc.xinit \< /dev/hft  > /tmp/rcapp.log 2>&1
           :xapp:2:once:/etc/rc.aixterm \< /dev/hft >> /tmp/rcapp.log 2>&1

        5) Make sure that the /etc/rc.xinit and /etc/rc.aixterm scripts 
           have execute permission for root.

        6) Reboot the machine.

        NOTE: While testing, if for some reason your scripts fail and 
              you do not get AIXwindows on the console, you will need 
              to login to the machine from another terminal and penable 
              the console in order to get a login prompt on the console.
              If another terminal is not available, you will have to boot
              into a Limited Maintenance Shell using a bootable tape or
              boot diskettes and change the console back to login=enable
              in order to get a login screen on the console.

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