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Can you have multiple sessions on IBM 3151?


I want to know if you can run multiple sessions on a single terminal.  
I will be using an IBM 3151, and want to know if multiple sessions can 
be run.  Example, a person can have 10 sessions on the same terminal, and
run 10 different things, and can toggle back and forth through all the 
sessions.  I want to know if this can be done on the 128 port 
concentrator only, or on any port?


The dscreen will allow a terminal to have multiple sessions on a tty.
It appears that most terminals will support 2,3, or 4 sessions.  The
IBM 3151 will support 4 sessions, but /usr/lbin/tty/dsinfo has only
been configured for three.  See example below for setting up 4 sessions.

The dscreen will work on any ascii terminal as long you have added a 
definition for the terminal in /usr/lbin/tty/dsinfo file.  However, the
screen will not be refreshed unless the terminal has additional screen 
memory.  For the IBM 3151, the IBM 3151 Expansion Cartridge will provide 
the additional screen memory neccessary.  Also, in the case of the IBM 
3151, the /usr/lbin/tty/dsinfo file will also need to be modified to 
perform the refresh.  The entry should look something like the following:

ibm3151|ibm3151 w/1 physical screen, with refresh
\#       dsp=\\EH\\EJ,
        dsp=\\E pA,
        dsp=\\E pB,
        dsp=\\E pC,
        dsp=\\E pD,

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