non default umask effects on sysback and pssp


env: 9076, pssp 2.2, aix 4.1.5, sysback 3.3.6

desc: customer is using default umask of 027, leaving
"read" permission off for "other".  (default umask
is 022, which would give permissions of rw-r--r-- on
files created).

Installing one node from a sysback tape on control
workstation, have done a netboot on the node, set 
IP addresses, and start the boot, but we see one
bootp packet out, one returned from server, and no
tftp traffic for the boot image.  Then the boot
process starts over.  We found that the bootimage we built
had permissions of rw-r-----.  
chmod o+r /usr/lpp/sysback/netinst/boot/bootimage.rs6k
and the tftp of the boot process was successful.

Another node was being installed and customized thru
the nim configuration of pssp.  This node hung with
LED u57 (restoring \.config_info file).  Checked
permissions on /tftpboot/\.config_info file,
and they were rw-r-----.  Again adding read permission
for other, and the node finished install.

Support Line: non default umask effects on sysback and pssp ITEM: BU5869L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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