can't pull up xserver/xserver quits if pulls up 4 displ


can't pull up xserver/xserver quits if pulls up 4 displays/
pmr\# 1x909 opened by dispatch for call/closed pmr


ENV:AIX 3.2.5 Model 390 Graphics adapter GXT150M
DESC: I am using xinit -- -P11 1 -P12 2 -P13 3 -P14 4 to
open X sessions on four hfts connected to the RISC. When
I do this I get the message saying shutting down the Xserver.
I can do this successfully for three hfts but it does not
work if I use the fourth one.
ACT:The xinit must be opening about five windows
like xclock etc. on only one of the screens and that is the
way you want it.
You have RAM=64Mb and paging space>100Mb. Try the
following :
1) Increase the number of maximum virtual sessions using
chnumvt -n 16 (to increase it to 16 )
2)chdev  -l pty0 -a 'num=32' -P to increase the number of
ptys available and reboot to make changes effective.
3)Monitor your paging space and try increasing these.


DESC:You tried these suggestions and mentioned that these
did not work. Your paging space utilization is about only
18% when you open it for three displays. You said that
you have heard "rumours" that there is an interrupt conflict
when four displays are opened, but you do not have knowledge
about any PMR no. You get a message saying
Shutting down Xserver ..
and the Xwindows are "gracefully" closed. There is no 
.xerrors file created.


It turned out that we had the same problem as the customer when we added two
graphics adapters to our machine.  

The fix was to remove all but 1 adapter and reboot the machine, run "diag -a"
and remove the other display adapter entries, shutdown and re-install the 
other three adapters, reboot and run diag -a to configure the adapters.

Now when we tried to run X on all four adapters it behaved fine.  The problem
was a hardware conflict that the config manager is not smart enough to clear
up.  Once we resolved the conflicts between the old config and the new 
adapters everything worked.

We successfully ran with 2 Color Graphics Adapters(skyway), 1 Gt3 & 1 Gt4X and
with 3 skyways and 1 Gt3.

Advised customer.  Closing call.

Support Line: can't pull up xserver/xserver quits if pulls up 4 displ ITEM: AB0644L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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