ITEM: K0389L

Broadcast packets sent every 30 seconds.


We are at \<>3.2.5. We have four systems. Two of these are broadcasting
packets every 30 seconds. Packets are about a hundred bytes in length.
We want to know we this is happening and how we can stop it. We cannot
think of anything that would be causing this.


Customer said the sniffer had indicated these packets were identified as
"locus com".  This suggested that they are running pci, or the pc interface
code for AADU.  ps -ef |grep pci showed the pci processes pciconsvr.ip and
pcimapsvr.ip were running.  Found the rcpci line in /etc/inittab.  Take the
line out of inittab, and run /usr/pci/bin/pcistop to stop the current instance.

Why does pci do broadcasts?  It has its own "quasi" arp function to resolve
mac addresses to IP addresses for the AADU attached PCs.

Support Line: Broadcast packets sent every 30 seconds. ITEM: K0389L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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