Is Intel Netport supported on 4.1.4 SMP machine?


question about 4.1.4, is Intel netport supported , 


        AIX 4.1.4
        Model R24
        Is Intel Netport device supported?
The Intel Netport server is a network print server box that
runs an lpd daemon.  We have several reports that these
devices work very well with AIX.

You were under the impression that the box comes with AIX
software which generates some SMIT screens and gives you 
more advanced options like the ability to make the terminal
server ports appear as static devices like local lp devices.
Couldn't find any information on this software.


I found a HOWTO in the internet page for intel at:
This discribes some software from intel on how to
print to a netport box from AIX.

Customer's real issue isn't if this works.  It works
fine at AIX 3.2 because the Intel software installs
a intel.config file in /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef so that
this now shows up as an entry in mkvirprt as an
Intel NetportExpress XL Print Server.

The problem is he wants to know if this is known to
work at AIX 4.1.  There does not appear to be an
intel.attach file.

Downloaded the Intel code, and they simply hacked the
hpjetdirect *.config to get it to put intel on the
mkvirprt screen.  The simply use the HP Jetdirect
backend to send the data.  Thus to use this at AIX 4.1
simply add as an HP JetDirect without bootp.

The NET is that this device can be printed to with LPD
or the piojetd backend.  The device must first be setup
with NetWare from Windows or some other box using
NetManage.  This is how the IP addresses are assigned.
Because each PORT gets a different address, you can use
the jetdirect backend on this multiport box even though
you cannot on a real HP JetDirect EX box.

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