HACMP/ Customer need to remove hacmp from his system.


 ENV: AIX4.1.5, HACMP4.1.1

 PROBLEM:  He wants to un-install hacmp from his system.

*ACTION TAKEN:  I told him to do the following:

On systems that are doing ipat you need to run
/usr/sbin/cluster/utilities/clchipat false - this will reset the

By default all hacmp managed VG/FS are brought up by hacmp, and are
set not to come up on reboot. If hacmp is being removed you will need

set all hacmp managed VG to autovaryon at reboot
set all hacmp managed FS to mount at reboot

Usually hacmp will manage an application so it is not setup to start
the application at reboot.  You will need to either setup your
application to start at reboot or start it manually after reboot.

On machines that are doing ipat the primary adapter boots up on the
boot address, but the clients usually tn into the system via the
service address.  If hacmp is not coming up then the system will
remain on the boot address.  They will need to reconfigure the primary
adapter to be on the service address.

Support Line: HACMP/ Customer need to remove hacmp from his system. ITEM: DD6717L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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