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General questions on CICS/6000 and Encina


The customer has the following questions about Encina and CICS/6000:

The customer wants to access VSAM like data via an alternate key from a
COBOL application. 

Does the SFS external file handler (extfh) support alternate record 

How is the alternate record setup in SFS?

Does a secondary index (based on 2 keys) need to have the keys 

What are the backup options for SFS files?


In order to access a SFS file based on a secondary index from a COBOL 
application, an alternate record structure must be specified for the SFS
file. This is a limitation of the SFS external file handler. 

The SFS volume can be backed up using the "tkadmin backup" utility. When
this is used, both the backup volumes created and the media/meta-media 
archive volumes should be backed up to tape. The media and meta-media
archiving must be configured in order to use the "tkadmin backup"

There is no utility program in the Encina Products to backup or export
an individual SFS file. There is a utilty program "sfscopy" written by 
the CICS/6000 development group that provides this capability.

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