fshop_make Filesystem cannot exceed 2gb

AIX 3.2.5
Sysback 3.2

The customer is installing from a sysback backup in service mode. 
Rootvg has installed fine, now she gets the following error on
creating a volume group

fshop_make: filesystem can not exceed 2 gig.

What is happening is that the customer has increased the number of 
logical partitions past 267 on a 8mb pp size vg.   This is over the
 2gb limit for filesystem at AIX 3.2

I had the customer choose the option to perform system maintenance
rmlv \ 
mklv -L /\ -t jfs -y \ -ac \ 256
mkfs -l \ /dev/\

Now it appears to be working correctly

next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: fshop_make Filesystem cannot exceed 2gb ITEM: BT4233L
Dated: January 1997 Category: N/A
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