ITEM: K5449L

infoexplorer: window maximize will not restore


AIX  3.2.5 
Motif 1.2

Have eleventh edition of InfoExplorer(dated Dec. 1993) and after 
clicking on the Maximize button, the window cannot be restored to its
original size just prior to being maximized.

All other windows not dealing with info will return back to 
normal size.

Also, info is running off of CDROM.


        First verify that the restore option is available after
maximizing (not grayed out). If it is then this could be problem
with infoexplorer resources. 

When upgrading sometimes the isprefs and isdefs are no longer applicable 
so need to recreate. 
 Go into users $HOME directory . Be sure it is the home directory!!!!!!!

Type  "rm -r info" to remove all files related to InfoExplorer 

Restart Infoexplorer. 

This will recreate the isprefs and isdefs in $HOME directory. 

**** Note will lose any preferences or bookmarks kept.*******

Support Line: infoexplorer: window maximize will not restore ITEM: K5449L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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