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Questions on AIX V3 vs AIX V4 savebase command

.AIX 4.1.3, Model C10
.Customer is a developer.  As part of their testing, they performed
the following procedures at AIX 3.2.5.
.She creates a new directory and copies the ODM Cu files into the 
directory and changed the ODMDIR variable.  As part of the test 
procedure, they add devices.  When the test is complete they reboot 
and the system reverts to the use of the standard ODM.
.However, with AIX 4.1.3, when they follow this procedure and reboot, 
they find their devices remaining in the real ODM.  They note that 
this happens on other occasions as well.
.Caller can recover from this problem by logging off, logging on 
again and doing "savebase" before rebooting.  When she does that, 
the ODM, after the boot, no longer contains the test devices.
.The savebase command is different between AIX V3 and AIX V4.  In AIX
V3, the savebase command saved the information for base devices only.
In AIX V4, the savebase command saves ALL customized data, and new
/etc/objrepos/Cu* files are created during each disk boot, instead of
just updating the existing /etc/objrepos/Cu* files as was done in AIX
V3.  This seems to indicate that the customer is running a savebase 
while the ODMDIR is set to the test directory and the subsequent reboot
introduces the test devices into the /etc/objrepos files.
.Verified that the customer was running mkdev and chdev, both of which 
call savebase internally.  This explains the situation she was seeing.
The customer is going to write a short shell script to set the ODMDIR 
appropriately and run a savebase after her testing is complete and 
before she reboots the system.

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