0506-322 error on "bosboot"


Env:    AIX 3.2.5.

Desc:   The command "bosboot -a -d /dev/hdisk0" fails with:

mount: 0506-322 Cannot determine log device to use for /dev/hd5

0301-155 bosboot: mkfs failed for /var/tmp/blv/disk.fs.

0301-165 bosboot: WARNING! bosboot failed - do not attempt to boot device.

        The customer is mirroring rootvg, and has set up an alternate
        boot device called hd5x.

Action: We checked /etc/filesystems and found that there was only one
        /blv entry, that appeared as such: 

        dev          = /dev/hd5x
        vol          = "spare"
        mount        = false
        check        = false
        free         = false
        vfs          = jfs
        log          = /dev/hd8

        There needs to be a SEPARATE /blv entry for each boot device
        in /etc/filesystems.

        We added a SECOND entry, identical to the above, with the line
        "dev = /dev/hd5", and the above bosboot command ran successfully.

        As hd5x resided on hdisk1, we were also able to run the
        following command to rebuild the boot image on that drive:

        \# bosboot -a -l /dev/hd5x -d /dev/hdisk1

Next:   Close.

Support Line: 0506-322 error on "bosboot" ITEM: AJ4955L
Dated: May 1995 Category: N/A
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