DB2v2.1 -Probs w/ Stored Procedures and MF-COBOL

  AIX 4.1
  DB2 V2
  MFCobol 4.0

  Attempting to compile MFCobol pgm (CICS module) that calls a
  DB2 stored procedure.  The compile is failing with SQL0324n:
  indicating that fltxretn_st_amttbb is the wrong data type.

  Called customer back to check on status.  Were able to get the
  'calling' pgm compiled.  The problem was caused by a syntatical
  error (space between EXEC SQL CALL and the variable containing
  the function name).  Now receiving sql10013n -- library cannot
  be found.

  Checked with MFCobol TS and there are
  multiple steps involed in creating MFCobol stored procedure:
  The stored procedure must be a unix executable (not MFCobol), 
  which requires several steps to compile, then link.

  Because the stored procedure is an executable, it is not possible
  to animate it.  DB2 actually calls a 'C' procedure that then calls
  the stored procedure.

  Reminded customer that IBM does not support MICRO FOCUS v4.0.
  I had customer do the command cob -V to find out the version he is 
  using, the line to check is PRN=2XCLY/ZZB:8a.1a.12.01.  This version
  is to be used with DB2 v1.2.  The customer needs to call
  MICRO FOCUS and request the upgrade to 12.01b which supports
  DB2 v2.1.

  Customer said is client COBOL application is doing an
  exec sql call to load the stored procedure.  IBM version
  of MICRO FOCUS  COBOL does not understand this call because
  it is DB2 v2.1 functionallity.

  Customer only solution is to work this with MICRO FOCUS.

Support Line: DB2v2.1 -Probs w/ Stored Procedures and MF-COBOL ITEM: BL7906L
Dated: December 1996 Category: N/A
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