ITEM: Q0877L

SP2: Host responds all red


The following is from XMenu item Q0425 and PMR 6X424,282.

Env: PSSP Rel 1

Desc: Nodes are up, switch is up and GUI shows switch as green,
      host_responds shows red on all nodes.

DESC: The customer is running DB2/6000 and PSSP V1.1.  DB2/6000
requires that the node hostnames be the hostname of the switch, not of
en0.  Hence, the CWS had no way of getting to the hostname of the node
since it was set to the name of the switch.  If we tried to ping the
switch hostname from the CWS, we were not able to get to it.

ACT:   Here are the steps we took to make sure all the names were
correct ( they really weren't, but these are good steps to document).
At this point the customer had not informed me that he was using
DB2/6000 or that his hostnames of the nodes were the hostnames of the
switch adapters in those nodes.

   1. Make sure /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/sdrd and /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/sp_de ...
      are running on the CWS.

   2. Run "splstdata -a" on the CWS and make sure that the names for
      the hostname field are correct.  Make sure you can ping these
      nodes using the hostnames from the output.

   3. On the nodes, make sure that the "hostname" command returns what
      you just got from the output to step \#2.

   4. On the nodes, issue the hostid command.  This will give you the
      hex of the hostname.  Issue "hostid \" (where
      \ is the short hostname of the node).  Then issue the
      hostid command again (by itself) and make sure it matched the
      original output from the hostid command.

   5. On the CWS kill the sp_de process.  If you can, after you do it
      on the CWS, kill those processes on the nodes (it should

The customer had 9 nodes so we had him set up 9 static routes using
tcpip from the CWS.  (9 nodes is not too large, so this was the
easiest way for the customer).  Make sure that you use the host, and
not the net option.  Enter the IP addresses of the different adapters.
After doing this, the customer had host responds back to green.

NEXT:  PSSP 2.1 solves this problem and you don't have to use the
static route workaround.  The customer is going to call his marketing
rep to order the new release.

Support Line: SP2: Host responds all red ITEM: Q0877L
Dated: December 1994 Category: N/A
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