limit of line length in /etc/inetd.conf


How do I run an inetd service program when the error message 
looks like a portion of the command in the /etc/inetd.conf file?


An ORACLE program is running on the RISC and receives 
the oracle error message: 
"unable to open message file /u/oracle/pro".  
This service is started in /etc/inetd.conf.
In the /etc/inetd.conf file, the following entry:

recvtrak  stream  tcp  nowait  trak  /tmp/lotperf/tand2unix/recvtrak  \\
recvtrak  ORACLE_CID=aus4  ORACLE_HOME=/u/oracle/product/7.0.16

The 'backslash' on the 1st line does not exist in the 
inetd.conf file.  It is shown here to highlite this as 1 line. 

If you run the command: 'inetserv -s -I -X' , the inetd service
appears but the /u/oracle/product/7.0.16 is cut off at "/u/oracle/pro".
This is the same as the oracle error message.


The file /etc/inetd.conf only accepts no more than 115 characters 
per line or using commands that are greater than 50 characters 
in the command field.  The InetServ structure in inetodm.h 
limits the command field to 50 characters.   

ACT:  The work around for this is create the shell front end:
The file /local/bin/ is configured as follows:
\#! /bin/sh
\# oracle server frontend
/tmp/lotperf/tand2unix/recvtrak recvtrak  ORACLE_CID=aus4  ORACLE_HOME=/u/oracle/product/7.0.16

Another method is to start inetd by executing:
startsrc -s inetd -a "inetd.conf" and the odm would not be used.

apar ix37928 created for this problem.  

This problem cannot be fixed on 3.2.x.  It would cause major
problems with the ODM.  inetd configuration data in ODM changes in
4.1, and this limit no longer exists.

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