For multiple Link Stations: code CPNAME or IDBLK, IDNUM on host?

   I have two PUs defined on the mainframe.  However, I can only start
   a link station to one of them.  The first PU has CPNAME coded but
   not IDBLK, IDNUM.  The second PU has IDBLK, IDNUM coded but not
   CPNAME.  The link station to the first PU works but the link station
   to the second PU fails during XID(3) negotiation.  How can I resolve
   this and establish both link stations simultaneously?

   For XID(3) negotiations there is a hierarchy involved.  VTAM looks
   at CPNAME first and then at IDBLK and IDNUM.  In this case both
   SNA Link Stations are sending XID(3) with the same CPNAME but
   different XID.  However, on the mainframe only one PU is coded
   with that CPNAME.  When one LS is connected the other is unable
   to connect to that same PU.  VTAM is not sending XID for the 
   second LS to the second PU because it is routing based on CPNAME.

   As a test both PUs were coded with all three parameters: CPNAME,
   IDBLK, and IDNUM.  However, VTAM went into a reset state because
   it could not distinguish between the two PUs (both had same CPNAME).
   One solution was to remove CPNAME from both PU definitions and code
   both with IDBLK, IDNUM only.
See SC31-7014   AIX SNA Server/6000: Configuration Reference
and /usr/lpp/sna/bin/README
sections on multiple PU support and multiple SAP support
plus sections of SNA DLC profile and Link Station Profile
for complete details.

Support Line: For multiple Link Stations: code CPNAME or IDBLK, IDNUM on host? ITEM: AS1847L
Dated: February 1996 Category: N/A
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