System attached to UPS randomly shuts down.

 ENV:           AIX 3.2.5 model 7013-570

 PROBLEM:       system down with a tcp/ip daemon error

 ACTION TAKEN:  She is rebooting right now and wants to call me back
                but wants to know why the system went down?
                We can not determine yet; we need to wait for the
                system to come back up to look at the error report.
                Also, we can look into the problem with TCP daemon.
.                System came back up fine.
                errpt -a -> tty overrun, processor overload
                The system logged 70 of these messages in the error

 ACTION PLAN:   Research.

 TEST CASE:     n/a

 ACTION TAKEN:  Customer has 570 with UPS (600kva).  Customer has
                system which shuts down randomly.  Probably due to
                UPS.  Error log has tons of TTY_OVERUN errors for
                tty1, 13, and 56.  This may be unrelated.  These
                were the only errors in error log.

 ACTION PLAN:   Research.


ACTION TAKEN:  Customer's UPS is attached to the S2 port of the
               system.  This corresponds to tty1.
.               Every Friday afternoon, the system is shutdown and
               powered off.  It is then brought back up to do the
               system backup and their weekend processing.
.               This problem began appearing last Thursday and the
               number of system shutdowns has been increasing.
.               The network interfaces are then brought down and
               the shutdown appears to hang there.  It does not
               ever get to "halt completed"
.               I've asked customer to send me her error report for
               today, since the system has already shutdown three
               times today.  Customer will email this to me.
.               Additionally, I recommend that customer try to get
               a system dump, since it appears that the system is
               hanging during the shutdown.
.ACTION PLAN:  Waiting for error report, look for power suspension

ACTION TAKEN:  I've received the error report, there are a lot
               of errors, but it only goes back to 11:30 today,
               although we generated the report from 00:00 today.
               All of the errors in the error log are TTY_OVERRUN
               errors, with the exception of an error daemon turned
               on entry from the last reboot.  There are no power-
               related errors prior to the error daemon entry.
.ACTION PLAN:   Continue research.

ACTION TAKEN:  Customer's system has shutdown again, and she got the
               exact wording of the broadcast message:
.               broadcast message from unknown on servo
                low battery prepare for immediate shutdown
               broadcast message from unknown on servo
                system is shutting down
               The system then starts shutting down and stops putting
               status messages on the screen after the TCP daemons are
               shut down.  Customer does not see a 'halt completed'.
               Customer does see the power light go off on the server,
               however, so it is turning itself off.
.               Customer has noted that the system is shutting down
               when someone prints a job.  Basically, she hears the
               printer start up, then sees these broadcast messages
               on the system console.
.               Customer is using a Printronics printer.  She's not
               sure if it is parallel or serial attach.
.               Conferenced customer with hardware support to place
               a service call.  A CE is being dispatched to check
               out the power routing between the breaker, UPS and
               the system.
.ACTION PLAN:  Customer will call me back when the CE gets onsite.

ACTION TAKEN:  Customer has turned off the printer, and found
               that the system did not shut down when print jobs were
               submitted if the printer was turned off.  The printer,
               a network router and the 570 are all attached to the
               same UPS.  What was happening was that the drain on the
               UPS produced by the printer left it with insufficient
               power for the 570, so the UPS shut down the 570.
.               Customer is planning to upgrade her UPS and would like
               to know what the power draw is for the 570.  The power
               source loading is 0.43 kVA, and the power requirements
               (typical) are 425 watts.  Customer will also have to
               take her TTY devices into consideration, since the 
               monitors can draw quite a bit of power.  The power
               requirements for the monitors are generally printed
               by the power cord.  As a temporary workaround, I
               suggested that customer go ahead and plug her Print-
               ronics line printer to a wall outlet with a surge
               protector.  Line printers are generally OK when they
               lose power; the surge protector would protect it from
               the sudden unexpected power on.
.ACTION PLAN:  Closing item with customer approval.

Support Line: System attached to UPS randomly shuts down. ITEM: DE2508L
Dated: February 1998 Category: N/A
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