Issues with setting up remote service


Notes from a customer

When configuring Sysback remote services for "client only", an sbnet
server is created in inetd.conf by the cfgremsvs script.  Please
confirm the following assumptions.

1.The sbnet server is NOT required in inetd.conf for Sysback "client
only" systems.

2.There is no logic in the cfgremsvs script to select whether this
service is created based on client or server smit selection for remote
services.  It appears both choices simply run /usr/sbin/cfgremsvs.

Please pass following comment on to developer if both items are
confirmed as true.

Sysback installations, particularly on an IBM firewall AIX system, are
very sensitive to unnecessary services being created.  A valuable
addition to the sysback product would be to include flags on the
cfgremsvs script that would indicate whether a machine would be
client/server or client only.

If assumptions are incorrect, please provide technical description of
the client/server interaction of the Sysback product during a remote
backup/restore session.

CLOSED by tj on 03/31/98 21:10:
The entry in the services file is required on both the client and the server
in order to define the port number under which the two will communicate.
The services entry is also added during maintenance mode to ensure that
the sbclient command can talk to the server in maintenance mode.

Support Line: Issues with setting up remote service ITEM: FM3260L
Dated: April 1998 Category: N/A
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