How to Calibrate a 7331

  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC 7012 390
  Tape 7331-205
    Message on 7331 panel says that it wants to be calibrated.

   This is documented in Chapter 3. of the 7331 Service Guide.  We
   want to place tapes in each physical unit (at the bottom) to be

   5-Tape Calibration 

  This library is calibrated using only five tapes (four, if only one
  tape drive is installed).

  The tape cartridges for a 5-tape calibration are placed in the 
  following locations:

  Tape drive 1
  Tape drive 2 (if installed)
  Slot 1 (bottom slot of bottom magazine)
  Slot 11 (bottom slot of top magazine)
  Bonus slot 1 (bottom bonus slot)

  After these 4 or 5 tapes are in place, just select the services |
  calibrate option on the panel and it will run and then give a completion

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Dated: May 1997 Category: N/A
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