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help with tar


 i am trying to tar from 1 machine to another;  it tries to write
 to tape.  i must be keying something in wrong but i am not sure


Env: 3.2.5
Sys: 980
Desc:  The customer is attempting to tar from one system to another
  system using rsh.  I have tried this procedure and I am able to
  perform the action. 
LocalSystem:  tar -cvf - /localdir | rsh zcmds "tar -xvf -"
Note:  This will tar the files in /localdir and send the output
  to the remote system via rsh and then untar the files and place
  them in /localdir on the remote system.  Several items must be
  setup in order for this to work.  You must have .rhosts files on both
  systems with identical user names in both files allowing the local system
  to communicate with the remote system.  Also the directory permissions
  must allow the remote system read/write permissions and also the
  umask must be set correctly.

Support Line: help with tar ITEM: L8128L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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