HACMP 3.1: clstat shows "no active clusters"


Env:  RISC System/6000 model 590, AIX 3.2.5, HACMP 3.1.1

Desc:  clstat shows "no active clusters".

Act:  check the following.

  1) Is clinfo, snmpd, and clsmuxpd running

  2) verify loopback is up

  3) check /etc/hosts for               loopback localhost

  4) check /usr/sbin/cluster/etc/clhosts for               loopback

  5) check /etc/snmpd.conf for
      smux      clsmuxpd_password

  6) check /etc/snmpd.peers for
      clsmuxpd  "clsmuxpd_password"

If all of the above is correct then check to see if any of the files
have been modified, use "ls -al".  Discovered /etc/snmpd.conf had been
modified recently.  Asked customer to read each line to try and
determine what had changed.  Discovered the following line had been

  community       public

was changed to

  community       io_server

This is what caused clstat to stop working.  Customer changed
"io_server" to "public" and clstat started working fine.

Support Line: HACMP 3.1: clstat shows "no active clusters" ITEM: AZ1702L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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