Sql substring returning numbers for the headings.

ENV: db2/6000 v1.1, AIX ?
DESC: When customer issues a select statement with a \ function
        for a column name it returns the results correctly
        but the column heading in the result is not the
        column name used instead a number representing the position
        of the column appears. 
Functions in a query are identified by the column number and not
the column name.  The function is not the name of the column, therefore
the number is returned.   This is working as designed.
Use the alias clause to get the desired heading instead of the numeric
when using substr function.
 db2 "select \, substr(colname, n1, n2) as \ ...

Support Line: Sql substring returning numbers for the headings. ITEM: BL6545L
Dated: December 1996 Category: N/A
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