Drivers for HP CopyJet printer/copier


7030 3bt 414
Trying to hook up a HP CopyJet Printer/Copier
and needs software 


   Env:Model 7030 36T, AIX 4.1.4
   Desc:Customer bought an HP CopyJet printer. There was a flyer in the
        box that said " ...Network Users running AIX, contact IBM for 
        software..." . Buddy wants to know where he can get software for
        this printer. 


HP CopyJet Printer/Copier

The only software that is available from AIX for this printer is the
HP JetDirect software. AIX does not have a supported virtual
printer file for this printer 

What is it?

See HP Homepage: HP CopyJet and CopyJet M Printer-Copier 
AIX Applicable Information

From an AIX standpoint the following is relavent. 

    1.The HP CopyJet comes standard with an HP JetDirect Card
      Add as a JetDirect Network Attached Printer. 
    2.The HP CopyJet supports the following emulations: 
            PostScript Level 2 
            PCL 5C (color) 
            GL/2 through PCL 5 
    3.Choose HPLJ4 for printer type as a starter. 

Based on this, a modified HPLJ4 driver should work, but the options for setting paper input trays may
need to be removed from the ci attribute. 

Called customer who had added the printer as Generic PostScript
and this works fine.

Support Line: Drivers for HP CopyJet printer/copier ITEM: BQ5982L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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